[maemo-users] N900 - Problems with builtin apps

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Fri Dec 11 10:40:54 EET 2009

ext Tim Ashman wrote:
> 6. Application List. - On the N810 and below I was able to take all of the 
> nokia apps that I would never use put then in the lowest menu option and 
> forget about them.  Not as good as being able to uninstall but It was ok.  On 
> the N900 I haven't figured out how to rearrange the app menu.  All of the 
> installed apps that I use regularly are on the second page at the bottom and 
> all of the items or apps that I will never use are front and center.  It sure 
> would be nice to be able to move these icons around.  I'm hoping I've just 
> missed something.

You can create shortcuts to the applications to the desktop.
The good point is that besides applications you can have there
also other stuff like URLs, applets...

I.e. when no windows are open, instead of doing:
1. tap to task launcher icon
2. tap "More..."
3. Pan down
4. Tap to start app

You just tap to the application icon on desktop.

(When you have windows open and you're not on desktop, it doesn't save
quite as many taps, but is still slightly more convenient.)

Just long press on empty Desktop area and select "Add shortcut"
from the Desktop menu.  URL shortcuts you can add to desktop from
the Browser (it asks where you want the bookmark to be added,
bookmarks list or desktop).

> 7. Web Addons - What exactly is "single sign on for ovi websites" and why 
> can't I uninstall it from the browser.  Likewise what is the Atlas Plugin?

Atlas is extension used by Maps (Maps uses browser engine).

	- Eero
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