[maemo-users] N900 features

From: Mark Haury wolfmane at gmail.com
Date: Sat Dec 12 17:46:46 EET 2009
sebastian maemo wrote:
> Hi everybody:
> One of my clients has recently asked me about the possibility to get a 
> portable computer like my N770... :-)
> I've talked him about the N900, and despite the price of the unlocked 
> device, he has asked me to check whether its features would satisfy 
> his needs...
> I know how N770 works... but I have almost no idea about N900...
> I have read the full specs at the Nokia website 
> <http://europe.nokia.com/find-products/devices/nokia-n900/specifications>, 
> though I'd like to know whether there's any application that enables a 
> user to open a M$ Office file, (doc or xls type, for example).
> I think that the answer is no, though that wouldn't be a problem if 
> the PDF reader works well enough...
> -- 
> Salut,
> Sebas
OpenOffice.org is available for the N8x0 through Easy Debian, but I 
don't know if it will work with the N900 yet.
Maybe it will be available for the N900 soon?

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