[maemo-users] Xournal for OS2006

From: Ivan Vilata i Balaguer ivan at selidor.net
Date: Sun Dec 13 12:14:32 EET 2009
sebastian maemo (el 2009-12-12 a les 02:50:09 +0100) va dir::

> I have Xournal installed on my N770... though I don't have the deb
> package... :-P
> I could send you the binary and all libraries you might need, but you should
> build the package yourself (maybe I could help with that...)

Thank you very much, but I think I can wait a little more to see if Aniello
releases a newer version, as he said on a previous email. :)

Anyway, if you are so kind as to send me the files, I think I'll manage with
just ``/usr/bin/xournal`` and ``/usr/share/xournal``, and with the output of
``dpkg --status xournal`` (actually, the ``Depends:`` line).

Thank you very much, Sebas!


  Ivan Vilata i Balaguer -- http://ivan.lovesgazpacho.net/
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