[maemo-users] Problems with Backup Application on Nokia N900

From: So Ju soju26 at hotmail.com
Date: Mon Dec 14 10:40:07 EET 2009

I have a problem with the Backup Application on a Nokia N900 (Maemo5, Europe version). If I create a Backup, restart the device and try to recovery from that Backup I get the error message that says something like (translated from German message) “Recovery incomplete. Communication and Calendar. Unknown error.” after reboot. 

If I create a Backup and recover that Backup immediately WITHOUT turning the device off I get no error message after the reboot, it just says that the recovery has finished on a yellow background. If I try to recover that or another Backup now (the device got turned off during the reboot, which seems to be the important thing) I get the same error message as above. 

If I try to restore immediately after I created the Backup (device is not turned off, no error message appears) the Progress Bar goes up to 100%. In the cases when error messages appear the Bar went just to 99% before the obligatory reboot. 

Despite the error message everything seems to be recovered well instead of contacts shortcuts on a different desktop. The only Program I installed additionally is the Droid fonts. De-installation of Droid fonts didn’t solve the problem, nor a reset to the factory settings. 

What I would like to know is if this is a known bug which eventually has consequences that it would be better to reflash to avoid data loss in the future or if it could be even a hardware failure. Anybody who experienced this problem too?

Thanks in advance!

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