[maemo-users] Fw: email use cases on N900

From: Sergio Villar Senin svillar at igalia.com
Date: Mon Dec 14 12:40:31 EET 2009
Hi Jeff,

comments inline

> When an email arrives and I click on the orange email notification it
> goes directly to the email but trash is greyed out and I can't delete the
> message after reading it. To delete the message I need to click
> back|user|inbox|message to get back to the message, this time with the trash
> not greyed out. This is tedious. Is there a faster way? I get tons of spam and
> need a quick easy way to delete such.

yeah I agree it's annoying, but there is a technical reason behind that.
We're working in tinymail in order to get rid of that limitation.
Hopefully we'll have good news soon.

> What is the mountain landscape icon? Why is it greyed out when I get to the
> message by clcking user|inbox|message but not greyed out when I get to the
> message by clicking on the notification. But what does it do? Even when it is
> not greyed out, the "wait" icon swirled for a few seconds but nothing
> noticible happened.

It's the "download external images" button. It should be active only
when you have HTML emails with links to external images (tipically

> Also, I have all email forked to both my desktop and N900 (with procmail).
> I usually read on my desktop and only read on my N900 when away from my
> desktop. But if I don't clean out the inbox, email can accumulate. After a few
> days I can get several hundre emails. As I have read them all on my desktop, I
> want to quickly discard them on my N900. On Chinook, I could easily select all
> email and click delete. I see no such easy way on Maemo5. Is there an easy way
> that I am missing? The lack of such a capability would destroy my use case.

The use case is still there though a little bit hidden. There is a
system wide shortcut, "Ctr-a" that selects all the elements in a list.
So all you have to do is perform that shortcut in the view were you
select the messages to delete. If you ask me why there is no such an
option available in the menu, it's because the idea in Fremantle is to
have only 1 UI element for every action, so if you have one shortcut
there shouldn't be a menu option. I know it's controversial but it was a
design decission taken by lead designers of the UI. Some other actions
are available only through shortcuts, such as copy/paste.

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