[maemo-users] Does anyone see this?

From: Andrea Borgia andrea at borgia.bo.it
Date: Wed Dec 16 18:44:45 EET 2009
Thomas Waelti ha scritto:

> Not only did I see your post, but I can confirm your problem, as I have the same:
> My own emails sent to the list never arrive in my mailing list inboxes, even though I have the settings in the subscriper page set as you describe.
> Anyone else with that problem? We might need to open a bug in bugzilla.

I don't know whether this is your case but... at least in Cyrus IMAPd,
if you save a copy of your sent messages using BCC the dupe killer could
possibly see another occurrence of the same msgid in the copy received
from the mailing-list robot. The second copy gets thrown out on account
of it being a duplicate.

Things to check:
-how you save your outbound mails
-the msgid of your submissions vs the copy received (see archives for this)


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