[maemo-users] How to (re-)download DEB packages with APT

From: sebastian maemo sebastian.maemo at gmail.com
Date: Sun Dec 20 07:12:57 EET 2009
2009/12/14 ekul taylor <ekul.taylor at gmail.com>

> To list everything you have installed:
> dpkg --get-selections > package.list
> You'll need to clean that up a bit (just the package names and all one
> line) but I'll leave that as an exercise for the reader.
> To download all the packages:
> apt-get -d install package.list
> -d will just download the packages to /var/cache/apt/archives and won't
> actually install anything.  If you want to store them for later I'd mount
> that directory to some sort of file server via NFS or samba before running
> apt-get and save yourself the hassle of moving them somewhere else after (or
> risk running out of space)

Thank you very much, Ekul.

For the benefit of everybody else who might need the same feature, I've
edited this wiki:

Now I want to learn how to keep a mirror of the actual repositories. First
I'm going to google-search for it (I know the right word is apt-mirror), but
if you have any hint that would be fine :-)

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