[maemo-users] Waking up with the n900 alarm

From: D M German dmg at uvic.ca
Date: Mon Dec 21 18:32:35 EET 2009
 Tim> [snip]

 >> The N810 was an excellent alarm clock: it would start low, then increase
 >> volume (regardless of current volume level). It will be annoying and
 >> last a long time before it went to "sleep".

 Tim> [snip]

 Tim> This is exactly how it works on my N900 with Maemo 5 (which I
 Tim> think has a far superior alarm to Maemo 4). I wonder if maybe it's
 Tim> the alarm sound you're using?

Thanks for your reply Tim, I did extensive tests yesterday and you are
right. It works the same. It is just that the default alarms didn't work
for me (at wake-up time).

I transfer the MP3 file from the N810 and N900 and bingo, I woke up at
the first try.

thanks agan,

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