[maemo-users] Network Proxy issue on N900

From: Adesuyan Bobby bigbrovar at gmail.com
Date: Mon Dec 21 20:41:56 EET 2009
Am in a bit of a dilemma here and would appreciate if anyone can help out.

I am having issues connecting to internet due to the fact that most 3rd 
party internet aware applications on the N900 (mauku, gpodder, etc) dont 
respect the systemwide proxy settings in my wireless profile.
I was trying to see how I can walk round the issue, and I added 
export_http to /etc/profile which seems to work, and I was able to use 
gpodder and mauku without issues. But I was unable to use the browser 
because it kept timing out until i commented
out the http_proxy in /etc/profile ..
Now gpodder and mauku no longer work

Unlike symbian and even kde and gnome desktop The 3rd party applications 
on the N900 dont respect sysemwide proxy. Its either the developers have 
not programmed the applications to use proxies or the maemoOS does not 
announce the systemwide proxy to 3rd party apps. I will appreciate if 
anyone can give me pointers on how i can get round this dilemma

can anyone please enlighten me on how i can tell the browser not to 
ignore /etc/profile, so i can use 3rd party apps and the web browser at 
the same time, when i add export http_proxy to /etc/profile ?
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