[maemo-users] N900 memory usage

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Tue Dec 29 15:14:51 EET 2009

ext Kevin Kempter wrote:
> I've bought a 16G SD card for my N900. When I go to Settings --> Memory I see 
> this:
> Nokia N900:
> 21.13 GB Available
> Memory Card:
> 11.10 GB Available
> Memory for installable applications
> 1.82 GB available
> Can anyone tell me what the  "Memory for installable applications" is used for 
> and why do I have only 1.82 GB available? Is this a normal scenario?

Yes.  What you were thinking of installing that would fill that?

The 1.82 GB is actually the amount reserved for the /home partition
which includes user settings, mails, metadata indexer database,
thumbnails etc.  If that space becomes full, many things in the device
stop working normally (fetching mails, indexing files etc), so you
should make sure to leave there enough space.

Normally (pre-installed) packages are installed on the rootfs which has
much less space available, but 3rd party applications are recommended to
be packaged such that they install (most of) their files to the larger
/home partition (using the maemo optify helper) instead of to rootfs.

Rootfs is 256MB, is compressed, faster (has different flash memory
and file system) than the eMMC on which /home is mounted. But it's
almost full (<100MB space free for non-compressed data, more for
compressable data).

So as a summary, depending on how the applications are packaged,
you may actually have less space available.  Package manager
doesn't know how the installable packages are packaged and
the Settings->Memory doesn't list free space on rootfs, you
would need to use "df" in terminal to know better which is
of course less than ideal.  In Harmattan this is hopefully handled
much better (no need for the optify hack to have more space for
applications than is available on rootfs).

	- Eero
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