[maemo-users] Default media player package anywhere?

From: Marcel tanuva at googlemail.com
Date: Wed Dec 30 10:26:10 EET 2009

To begin with the whole story: When I first transferred my music to the
n900, I put it into MyDocs/Musik. Later I renamed Musik to musik because
its that way on my other computers, too. Should be no problem, media
player rescans library, done. Poof. Forgot about fat's case
insensitiveness. So now I had each and every track twice in the library.
(Once in MyDocs/Musik and once in MyDocs/musik I guess) because it
didn't notice the case change. Then I fiddled with tracker-processes
--hard-reset, but that didn't make it regenerate the database from
scratch (shouldn't it do that? rm's a lot...).
Okay. Next try: Retransfer all the music although that'd take a whole
night for 26GB. After deleting all the music, the media player still
insists on having the dead track entries there. (Half of the tracks is
gone from the db, before it was twice the number of real tracks because
each track's in there twice.) So I wasn't able to get these damn dead
entries out of the db.
Last chance: purge mediaplayer. After purging I noticed that it's only
in apt because of being referenced by other packages, therefore I cannot
reinstall that damn thing.
Can someone tell me where I could get a media player package from? I
don't need to reflash because of that, do I!?


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