[maemo-users] New battery?

From: Laura Conrad sunny at laymusic.org
Date: Sun Feb 1 15:28:35 EET 2009
My 770 has developed an annoying habit of hanging while I'm in the
middle of reading in FBReader.  (I don't use it often enough for
anything else to tell whether it also happens in other programs.)

It's always had a power management problem where I sometimes pick it
up and need to take the battery out to get it started.  This new
problem is happening while I'm actually reading -- I go to turn the
page, and the page doesn't turn and nothing else (full-screen button,
off button...) seems to work either, until I take the battery out and

I don't think any software has changed to initiate this problem.

So I'm wondering whether it means the battery is getting old and
whether it's likely that I could fix it by buying a new battery?

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A computer is like a violin. You can imagine a novice trying first a
phonograph and then a violin. The latter, he says, sounds
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most of our computer scientists. Computer programs are good, they say,
for particular purposes, but they aren't flexible. Neither is a
violin, or a typewriter, until you learn how to use it.

Marvin Minsky, ``Why Programming Is a Good Medium for Expressing
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