[maemo-users] New battery?

From: Peter Bart peter at petertheplumber.net
Date: Sun Feb 1 22:17:27 EET 2009
On Sun, 2009-02-01 at 11:49 -0500, Laura Conrad wrote:
> >>>>> "Peter" == Peter Bart <peter at petertheplumber.net> writes:
>     Peter> 	I'm not sure whether it's battery related or not, but
>     Peter> I have a few tips that may help. Do you have virtual memory
>     Peter> enabled?
> No.  I just tried enabling it, and it said "unable to create virtual
> memory".

	Then I would guess that you do not have a memory card inserted in the
external slot. See if you can borrow one to test that and see if it
makes a difference for you. RS MMC's are a little scarce though,
hopefully you have one. In any case I would highly recommend buying a
card and enabling virtual memory. Before you spend any money please see
my comments below.

>     Peter> Use the application manager to check whether there are any
>     Peter> updates to be had <application manager> <check for
>     Peter> updates>. 
> no updates available.
>     Peter> updates>Mine refeshes automatically, you can also use the
>     Peter> application manager menu to do that <tools> <refresh
>     Peter> application list>. 
> Since I mostly use it to read books, I prefer not to connect
> automatically, so that the battery usage is lower.  Or does the
> automatic refresh only happen automatically when you connect manually?

	AFAIK the automatic refresh only happens when you click on the updates
tab of the application manager. The manager will connect itself when
asked to check for updates.

>     Peter> To help some of the more knowledgeable people on the list,
>     Peter> post the firmware version you're using <control
>     panel> <about product>. 
> 4.2008.7-1

	If I'm not mistaken that's the hacker edition of the firmware? Should
be fine, that's what I have on my 770.

>     panel> Also the FBreader software version, from
>     Peter> FBreader menu <library> <about fbreader>. 
> 0.8.17

	FWIW, I have the same version installed on my 770. I just downloaded a
plaintext book and one in plucker format. I scrolled through several
pages using the dpad, first with virtual memory enabled and then with it
disabled. I did not experience what you have.

>     Peter> I assume you are not running anything else at the same
>     Peter> time; such as home screen applets or other programs; but
>     Peter> please clarify that point.
> As far as I know, not.  It's not telling me the weather or anything
> like that.  I did manage to get the time set when my watch needed a
> new battery, but that's not a the kind of applet you mean, is it?

	No, you are correct. I'm talking about something like OMWeather, GPE
Summary, or such  that automatically updates itself. I'm going to guess
you have worse problems than an old battery, but then I'm not an IT
guy ;) I might check the application manager <show installed
applications> for any applications highlighted in red. That indicated a
problem. You might even activate red pill mode to check those as well,
be sure you have show all packages checked under <menu> <tools>
<settings>. Please please please don't forget to deactivate red pill
immediately! I noticed in your original post you mention allways having
problems, I assume it's long past warranty but it's worth checking with
Nokia. I got a replacement for one of my 770's that way. Other than
that, I'm fresh out of ideas. Okay, one more. I wouldn't buy a
replacement battery for your 770, I would get an n800 or even an n810. I
just got an n810 for almost half of retail to replace my aging n800. I
still have the 770 around for the kids when they come around, but it's
not been in daily use for years.

Good Luck,

Peter Bart <peter at petertheplumber.net>
Peter The Plumber

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