[maemo-users] Amazon Shopping App

From: Matt Emson memsom at interalpha.co.uk
Date: Thu Feb 5 20:54:18 EET 2009
> fyi. While doing some shopping at Amazon.com I came across the  
> following
> new App for the Iphone:

This has been around for ages. There's supposedly a version for  
Android too.

> I wonder if it can find/read bar codes in the images?

No idea, but I doubt it will work well, given the iPhone camera  
(which, to be honest, is poor, tho miles better than that on the n800.)

> It would seem that Amazon would have no problem with an open source
> version of this App if, in fact, it is not already opensource.

Is the API it uses open source? Did the N8x0 platform get Java and the  
Android API (Android version) or Objective-C and Cocoa touch API  
(iPhone version)? Have they released the source to the versions on any  
supported platform? To you, a layman, I'm sure it does seem simple,  
but the reality is a lot different. Releasing the source will help  
little. Where is Amazon's incentive? Maemo  is too small a platform.  
More likely to get a version for the S60 on the N series phones.

But dom't listen to me. Build a business case and present it to  
Amazon. They might do it. I doubt you'll get much luck though.


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