[maemo-users] Amazon Shopping App

From: John Holmblad jholmblad at acadiasecurenets.com
Date: Thu Feb 5 23:03:25 EET 2009

I would guess that the value of apps like shopsavvy is going to grow 
only as fast as the number of items in the barcode database.

It also appears that the developer of the CompareEverywhere (formerly 
Andriod Scan) app is working on enhancements to that app as well:


It would appear that Jeff Sharkey, the app author is (or was) also an 
N810 user.



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Jonathan Greene wrote:
> you'll probably like this if you've not seen it on the Turks -
> http://waxy.org/2008/11/the_faces_of_mechanical_turk/
> Shopsavvy is very cool.  I scanned a few things in Target and it
> showed me pricing and location of stores nearby.  Super quick even on
> EDGE which is all TMO was kind enough to implement in the 'burbs

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