[maemo-users] New battery?

From: Laura Conrad sunny at laymusic.org
Date: Mon Feb 9 19:41:00 EET 2009
>>>>> "Eero" == Eero Tamminen <eero.tamminen at nokia.com> writes:

    Eero> Maybe your memory card FAT file system is corrupted[1] and because
    Eero> of this the device has made it read-only?

This sounded really plausible, because at the time I got your message
I had in fact found the file system corrupted only a few days before.
I thought I'd had the hang since I reformatted the card, but I wasn't
sure, so I waited to answer.  

Yesterday it hung twice.  I haven't consciously written to the card
since copying the directory with all my books in it right after the
reformat.  So if it's corrupt again, that means I should change

Does FBReader write to the card (or try to) if it's reading a book off
the card?

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