[maemo-users] damaged power connecter

From: Luca Olivetti luca at ventoso.org
Date: Fri Feb 13 20:38:15 EET 2009
En/na Mike Sherman ha escrit:
> Eero Tamminen <eero.tamminen at nokia.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> ext Mike Sherman wrote:
>>> The other day I tried to push my N810 out of the car mount forgetting
>>> that I had plugged the charger in.  After that stress on the power
>>> jack the N810 won' t charge unless you apply a downward force on the
>>> power cable.  The jack in the N810 seems to be damaged.
>> First I'd suspect the charger itself, it's power cable is quite thin
>> and can break.  Have you tried another charger?
> Definitely not the charger.  The charger pin is loose and wobbly in the
> connector with several chargers.

I don't know about the n810, but if it is similar to the n800 it should 
be very easy to replace, since it's not even soldered to the board.
The problem is it's not easy to find.
When I had a similar accident, with the same symptoms, I just pushed a 
(very) tiny amount of foam beneath the negative pole (the outer contact, 
the center one is positive) with a pin, so that it makes good contact 
with the plug.
The bent plug lasted for a while, but it finally broke completely. Now 
I'm using an usb charger from dealextreme (it's just a piece of cable 
with the nokia 2mm connector on one end and an usb male on the other) 
plugged in the original charger (I cut the original, broken, plug and 
connected a female usb connector in its place).


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