[maemo-users] damaged power connecter

From: Luca Olivetti luca at ventoso.org
Date: Fri Feb 13 21:43:43 EET 2009
En/na Aniello Del Sorbo ha escrit:
> For this solution you can buy the original Nokia USB charger.

If you're buying it just for the plug, the original one is *not* good, 
since it has a step-up voltage converter..

> It's very expensive if you buy it from Nokia itself, but very cheap on
> eBay (where I found it).

..however a fake one from ebay or dealextreme is just a piece of cable, 
so it's good for my solution

[I leave part of the rest of the message as a reference, it's a little 
odd due to your top-posting]

>> When I had a similar accident, with the same symptoms, I just pushed a
>> (very) tiny amount of foam beneath the negative pole (the outer contact,
>> the center one is positive) with a pin, so that it makes good contact
>> with the plug.
>> The bent plug lasted for a while, but it finally broke completely. Now
>> I'm using an usb charger from dealextreme (it's just a piece of cable
>> with the nokia 2mm connector on one end and an usb male on the other)
>> plugged in the original charger (I cut the original, broken, plug and
>> connected a female usb connector in its place).


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