[maemo-users] Navicore Key

From: jmc jmc at cosmicnetworks.net
Date: Mon Feb 16 16:13:49 EET 2009
i realize this isn't strictly maemo-related, but maybe someone can hit
me with a cluebat. if it's sufficientlt OT for this list, please let me

i recently upgraged my N800 to OS2008. i have a Nokia LD-3W, which came
with a Navicore license. so it seems that my license key from that gets
me an unlocked Wayfinder instance. i of course have my 2GB internal card
with all the Navicore stuff on it, but unfortunately, do not have access
to any of the packing material which might contain a valid key---it's in
storage now.

i've looked through the files on the memory card, and nothing pops out
at me. is the license key likely to be anywhere in those files in
human-readable format?


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