[maemo-users] cron on diablo or how to use alarms

From: COURTAUD Didier didier.courtaud at cea.fr
Date: Tue Feb 17 16:56:53 EET 2009
Olivier Ricou a écrit :
> die 17/02/09, ad 13h37, COURTAUD Didier <didier.courtaud at cea.fr> dixit :
>> Here is the one I use without problem on my N810 tablet
> It seems it does use the alarm interface which mean you have a daemon
> running continuously. I would be affraid to kill the battery.
> Crontab for a handheld should be hardware.

Of course there is a crond daemon running continously as in every Unix machine.

But there is no effect on the life of the battery. I never halt my tablet letting it
light off automatically and the battery life duration is many days without any problem

> In our case, at the end, crontab's events should be recorded in 
> /var/lib/alarmd/alarm_queue.xml
> I tried once to make a crontab using the alarm API, unfortunnately
> it used pyalarmd of Gene Cash which had a bug (or alarm itself).
> If you can provide me a Python library to control the alarm, I
> will update my crontab python script.
>                                          Olivier.

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