[maemo-users] identi.ca group

From: Matt Emson memsom at interalpha.co.uk
Date: Wed Feb 18 13:36:59 EET 2009
Keywan Najafi Tonekaboni wrote:
> I sent messages via Jabber and receive them at the moment with twitter
> (identi.ca post them for me to twitter) over mauku. but I hope mauku
> will get native laconi.ca support...

The difference in the API is  the URL base it uses. It took me about 10 
minutes to write a class in .Net that talks to identica, and most of 
that was working out the places in the API where the author of the 
original Twitter API I was using had hard coded things. For the Mauku 
developer, it should be quite trivial. Indeed, I believe he supplies 
source, so it could be done by someone else. The only issue would be 
that Mauku doesn't handle accounts very well - the Twitter stuff feels 
bolted on to the Jaiku stuff. If a proper account set-up was added, it 
would work well.


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