[maemo-users] FYI - Gizmo (SIP) to Skype gateway

From: lakestevensdental lakestevensdental at verizon.net
Date: Fri Feb 20 03:48:51 EET 2009
Jeff Brown wrote:
> I haven't tried Gizmo, but I can say that I don't think Skype sucks as I have used it exclusively on my 810 to make international calls with more than adequate success.
> Best to all!
Gizmo works fine on the tablet as does Skype.  I've used both for 
placing calls of all sorts.

 I also picked up a low cost local land # thru Gizmo, which allowed 
anyone in my calling area to call me no matter where I was via Gizmo.  
For most cell phone contracts, it's better to get a Gizmo phone call 
when you're in a foreign country than via your cell phone.  If you're 
not on line when the call is received, Gizmo lets them leave a message 
which you can listen to via email.  I think it's the same with Skype, 
but typically use Gizmo more.

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