[maemo-users] FYI - Gizmo (SIP) to Skype gateway

From: Aniello Del Sorbo anidel at gmail.com
Date: Fri Feb 20 12:14:19 EET 2009
2009/2/20 Ryan Abel <rabelg5 at gmail.com>:
> On Feb 19, 2009, at 10:57 PM, Wayne Fiori wrote:
>> Does Gizmo use less resources than Skype?  Gizmo's sound quality was
>> considerably lower than Skype's back in Gizmo v4 (PC). Is that still
>> the case?
> It does if you connect with rtcomm. . . .

It does use less resources when using rtcomm or it does sounds worse
when using rtcomm?


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