[maemo-users] Facing Dilemma about N800/N810

From: Julius Szelagiewicz julius at turtle.com
Date: Fri Jan 2 04:18:50 EET 2009
how about taking the screen from 800 and putting it in 810?

On Thu, 1 Jan 2009, Tim Ashman wrote:

> Ok, so long time nokia user loved my n810 and I refer to the n810 in the past
> tense because two days ago I dropped it from about 5 feet and bang, screen
> cracked and it is nice rainbow colors now.
> So...  I pulled out my old N800, flashed, used my n810 backup and I'm up and
> running but I'm missing the builtin keyboard, I do alot of ssh'ing, remote
> desktop and the builtin keyboard of the n800 doesn't work for that.
> So..  I'm thinking of just purchasing another n810 since the wimax out here in
> portland isn't xohm the wimax version is useless.   But I'm wondering if
> nokia is getting ready to release a new version of the IT.  If so I could
> hang on using my n800 until then.
> And So...  does anyone know what the latest time frame if any is on the next
> IT device.
> thanks
> tim
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