[maemo-users] twitter-inkface for n810

From: Jayesh Salvi jayeshsalvi at gmail.com
Date: Sat Jan 10 12:36:23 EET 2009

I just finished the Twitter client for n810 - using SVG based GUI library
(Inkface). You can check out the demo video here<http://blip.tv/file/1654627>

You can try out the client yourself:

In the Maemo Application Manager, add following Catalog:

Name: Altcanvas
Web Address: http://repo.altcanvas.com
Distribution: testing
Components: main

Refresh the application list. You should see 'twitter-inkface' app in the
list. All the dependencies will be automatically pulled from the repo.

In case you hit any problem with the repository (because it's my
non-standard implementation of a debian repo :), you can download following
four .deb files and install them "dpkg -i *.deb".

libaltsvg <http://altcanvas.googlecode.com/files/libaltsvg_0.1.2_armel.deb>,
inklib <http://altcanvas.googlecode.com/files/inklib_0.1.0.deb>,

With this milestone, inkface libraries reach a v0.1.2. To know more about
Inkface project, visit the project

Feedback is appreciated!!!


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