[maemo-users] Claws Mail won't start

From: Rick Bilonick rab at nauticom.net
Date: Sat Jan 17 08:55:19 EET 2009
On Fri, 2009-01-16 at 11:55 -0500, Peter Bart wrote:
> On Fri, 16 Jan 2009 09:22:04 -0500
> Rick Bilonick <rab at nauticom.net> wrote:
> > I'm running (or at least trying to run) the latest updated version of
> > Claws mail on an N810 with the latest version of Diablo (with all the
> > latest updats). But it refuses to start. This started several weeks
> > ago. I thought eventually updates would fix it but they haven't.
> > Should I try uninstalling and re-installing?
> > 
> If you have the mailboxes on one of the memory cards check to see if the card is read only. I had that issue and discovered a RS-MMC had spontaneously protected itself. I reformated the card, verified that was the problem and replaced the card. I seem to remember a bug about that but don't quote me. I just got rid of my old cards.
> Best Regards, 

I'm running the N810 from an 8gb external memory card. I uninstalled
claws and all components and re-installed but it still refuses to run.
Everything else runs fine. I tried running claws-mail from an X shell.
It does not report any errors. But the gui never appears. It used to

Rick B.

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