[maemo-users] Maemo Mapper and OSM files

From: Mark wolfmane at gmail.com
Date: Fri Jan 23 18:16:34 EET 2009
On Fri, Jan 23, 2009 at 6:53 AM, COURTAUD Didier <didier.courtaud at cea.fr> wrote:
> Hi all
> I am using Maemo Mapper since a few weeks using Open Street Maps I automatically download through a WiFi connection.
> Since I want to use in my car, I have manually downloades the OSM tiles I need in an XML file.
> I have also converted that into a .bin file
> I have created in Maemo Mapper a new map repository giving it a local url of the form :
> file:///path-to-the-OSM file
> But Maemo mapper does not display anything whether I give it the .xml or the .bin file !!!!
> Can anyone tell me how I can use local OSM files with Maemo Mapper ?
> DC

Maemo Mapper actually *always* uses its own offline map tile database,
it just adds to the database automatically as needed when it's set to
auto-download the maps. You're making it harder than it needs to be.
Just set Maemo Mapper to "auto download" the tiles (Main
Menu->Maps->Auto-Download), then pan and zoom around in the areas you
need. When you're done, disable auto-download and you're ready to go.

I suspect that if you've downloaded the maps with other software
they're missing information critical to Maemo Mapper.


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