[maemo-users] replacement battery for N810

From: Erik Hovland erik at hovland.org
Date: Wed Jul 1 05:28:52 EEST 2009
>> I've been looking at replacement batteries for my N810 and came across
>> Mugen Power 1800 mAh Extended Battery at $29.95 It's 300 mAh more than
>> stock Nokia battery. Does anybody have any experience with it? Does it
>> really work? Is larger capacity actually noticeable?
>> Also found Mugen Power 3600 mAh Extended Battery for N810 for $79.95
>> here:
>> http://shop.eten.hu/mugen-power-3600mah-extended-battery-for-nokia-n810-with-battery-door-blue-p-475.html
>> Would be interesting to know if anybody tried that one. That's 2.4
>> times more capacity than the stock battery. Nearly removes the need of
>> caring spare batteries...
> A couple more questions :)
> Are the batteries above thicker than the Nokia stock battery? Will they
> fit N810 ?

The Mugen batteries come in two sizes, the standard size and the extended size.

> Also, will the stock charger work with them ? Will it charge them to
> their full capacity?

Don't know. But the battery would be useless if it couldn't be charged.
My experience w/ batteries of this type is that they usually have a
chip inside that the charger uses to figure out when it is full.


Erik Hovland
erik at hovland.org
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