[maemo-users] Reading PDFs

From: Peter Flynn peter.flynn at mars.ucc.ie
Date: Thu Jul 2 23:08:11 EEST 2009
One of the problems with PDFs that are designed for printing is that the 
margins and the orientation are understandably suboptimal for reading on 
an 800x480 screen on a handheld device.

While sorting out some material for a long flight and trip next month, I 
realised that by trimming the margins and rotating 90 degrees clockwise, 
the pages of a book-shaped PDF could be made to fit comfortably on the 
N800 screen so that I could hold it long ways up, with the control 
button at the bottom where my thumb would be.

You can probably do this in a full copy of Acrobat, but the following 
LaTeX code seems to do the job:

\includepdf[angle=270,trim=72 72 72 72,pages=-]{filename}

The only things you need to measure are how much to trim off the four 
sides to get rid of some of the margins (the units are Adobe points). 
The minus argument to pages means "all"; you can also select a list or 
range in curly braces like pages={1,2,3-10,14-22} etc.

Happy summer reading...now all I need is a battery capable of lasting an 
8-hr flight in cattle class where there are no charger outlets...

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