[maemo-users] Alter advanced boot

From: sean tech.junk at myfairpoint.net
Date: Sun Jul 5 17:58:11 EEST 2009
Hello All,

	I setup my system to boot from the internal memory card I just
installed. Nice seeing all that memory available.
It works great but I would like to alter two things, and I am not sure
of the best way to do it after all is in place.

I would like to reduce the default timeout period it waits before
booting the default partition.

Next, even though I followed the instructions here,
http://wiki.maemo.org/Booting_from_a_flash_card and told it to boot from
the internal memory card as default, the listed default partition is the
external memory card slot, and I do not even have a card installed there
on my N800 running latest Diablo.

Unfortunately it is not as simple as altering grub, so is anyone able to
shed some light on the answers for me?

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