[maemo-users] Alter advanced boot

From: sean tech.junk at myfairpoint.net
Date: Mon Jul 6 14:40:47 EEST 2009
Eric S Fraga wrote:
> I'm interested in the solution to this problem as well.  I would like
> to boot from my internal memory card but, for some reason, the boot
> sequence defaults to the flash disk, even though I'm sure I said
> otherwise when setting up the boot parameters.
> Being paranoid, my timeout period is long enough luckily...
> Thanks,
> eric

Well I decided that I wanted to alter some partition sizes and went
through the steps again.All is working as it should now.
Except for the final questions I think all steps were done the same.
I said no to some of the final questions, when on the first pass I had
answered yes to all.

Said no to certain recovery methods and told it to do a clean-up of some
extra things. Sorry, don't have the specific questions, did this late

I also edited the bootmenu as the instructions state to bring down the
default time out.
Is there a way to change the default timeout after the setup is complete?
I never received an answer.

Another observation I had was the idea of virtual memory. OS2008 lets
you extend virtual memory up to a max of 128MB in the memory options.
Instead, it might be nice if you could create one of those partitions,
whatever the size, and tell the OS to use that full partition as virtual
memory. Perhaps MER might entertain this idea?
Memory cards have become so big now, you could easily partition off a
gig or more and still leave plenty for the tablet applications.


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