[maemo-users] Duplicity 0.6.02 Has Been Released

From: Kenneth Loafman kenneth at loafman.com
Date: Wed Jul 8 21:17:45 EEST 2009

Even though the list is short, this is a fairly important bug fix
release.  Plus, we have completed the process of making the cache
consistent with the remote by adding a step that removes any spurious
files left over from a previous duplicity run.


New in v0.6.02 (2009/07/07)
Duplicity will now remove any spurious files left in the cache from
a previous run.  This will keep the metadata cache in sync with the
remote storage metadata.

Bugs fixed this release:
394629  Hang on first collection-status
379386  Fix 'list-current-files' with missing archive dir
395826  "No such file or directory" when backing up second time
394627  User-friendly archive dir print
388699  Manifest mismatch error


And since it looks like I did not announce 0.6.01, here it is...

This is the first release from Launchpad, and I'm glad I made the move.
The website is still on Savannah, but that will be changing.

Lots of fixes and some good changes.  The major change is that duplicity
will synchronize the archive directory with the remote store on startup.
 This fixes a number of issues that occurred when upgrading from the
0.5.x series.  Please read the release notes below for details.

You can get it from https://launchpad.net/duplicity/trunk/0.6.01.


New in v0.6.01 (2009/07/01)
Fixed issues in Checkpoint/Restart:
* The --name backupname" option was added to allow the
  user to separate one archive from another.  If not
  specified, the default is an MD5 hash of the target
  URL, which should suffice for most uses.

* The archive_dir (cache) is now stored in a standard
  location, defaulting to ~/.cache/duplicity.  See

* The interaction between the --archive-dir option and
  the --name option allows for four possible results
  for the location of the archive dir.
    + neither specified (default)
    + --archive-dir=~/arch, no --name
    + no --archive-dir, --name=foo
    + --archive-dir=~/arch, --name=foo

* duplicity will now copy needed metadata from the
  remote store to the local cache as needed.  This
  means that the first use after upgraded from 0.5.x
  will have the metadata copied to the local archive
  dir in order to sync both.

* cleanup will now work correctly with the archive
  dir and separates the local from the remote files.

Bugs fixed this release:
* 388034     Unable to backup
* 378940     python2-6 issue / UTF-8 charset / Ubuntu 9.04
* 379386     Fix list-current-files w/ missing archive dir
* 387102     Asynchronous upload not working properly
* 387218     Make scp/ssh into sftp-only backend
* 388992     List of Orphaned Files Growing
* 392905     NoneType object has no attribute 'startswith'
* 393372     Error creating directory
* 383412     Add InfoCodes for upload events
* 383419     Add gio backend

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