[maemo-users] Can somebody give me the needed permissions on files?

From: david.hagood at gmail.com david.hagood at gmail.com
Date: Mon Jul 13 17:33:53 EEST 2009
I was having some problems with my N800 - I have the file system on the
internal SD card, and I felt the filesystem was having problems, so I shut
it down, put the card into my computer, and copied the files off the card,
then reformatted the card and copied the files back.

I forgot to keep the permissions and file ownerships. Ooops. Stupid me.

So my N800 is a little "funky" right now.

Ideally, if I could get a list of ownerships and permissions for the files
in the system (that is, any files that aren't root:root or files that
aren't user:users under /home) I could fix this.

My first thought was to try to use "find" on my N770 to get the
permissions, but the version of find in Busybox isn't able to do the
-printf mode.

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