[maemo-users] Full screen non-Hildon X applications possible?

From: Eric S Fraga ucecesf at ucl.ac.uk
Date: Fri Jul 17 21:01:23 EEST 2009

I've posted this onto the maemo.org forum but in case the audience
here is significantly different, I thought I'd try here as well!
Apologies to those that see this twice.

I've got an N800 and everything is working fine. The reason for
getting it was to run Emacs so that I could have org-mode on a
portable system. That's all working just fine.

However, I find I like using Emacs with the system in portrait
orientation. I have the screen rotating tool and that works as well.

What doesn't work is that if I run Emacs as an X window application, I
cannot make it full screen; if I run the X terminal and run Emacs
within that (with -nw) option, I can indeed make use of the full
screen but I lose the mouse/stylus interaction with Emacs directly.

Can X window applications, non-Hildon, be made to run full screen?
I've tried specifying -geometry but that hasn't made any difference.

Any pointers more than welcome!!

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