[maemo-users] Distributions for the 770?

From: Clemens Eisserer linuxhippy at gmail.com
Date: Sun Jul 19 18:01:53 EEST 2009

1. I still have an old P90 server running which I would like to
replace with my unused Nokia 770.
Especially because I would prefer running it 24/7, which I don't do
because of energy waste with the P90.
I've seen several links and tutorials about the N800 and debian, but
the 770 isn't mentioned anywhere...

Are there open-source linux distributions available which can be
installed on it?
Access to repos using apt-get or yum would be great....

2. Are rs-mmc cards really dead? I tried to find one but they are
either extremly expensive or not available anymore.
Seems I have to go the usb-host-mode + usb-stick route ;)

Thank you in advance, Clemens
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