[maemo-users] wlan sleep timeout

From: Vilen Looga vilen.looga at gmail.com
Date: Tue Jul 21 16:30:47 EEST 2009

I tried to get the default wlan sleep timout by issuing the following command:

gconftool-2 --unset '/system/osso/connectivity/IAP/wlan_sleep_timeout'

but it says that the value has not been set and indeed the related xml
file does not have this value. Even trying to "--unset" does not add
the default value back to the xml file.

I also tried to get this information with 'iwpriv' but it seems that
there is no paramater that would hold the value that I'm seeking.

I found a post written by Kalle Valo in 2007 that mentions the sleep
timouts: 200 ms and 100 ms (inactive). Is this information still true?

Vilen Looga
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