[maemo-users] ncurses

From: Peter Flynn peter.flynn at mars.ucc.ie
Date: Wed Jul 22 00:11:03 EEST 2009
Eero Tamminen wrote:
> Hi,
> ext Peter Flynn wrote:
>> I've been rearranging my SD cards and I wanted to install Emacs_22.1-1 
>> (this is for OS-2008) to replace the older version.
>> It's looking for ncurses-base and libxaw7 but I can't find any that 
>> install.
> The package has or hasn't a dependency for ncurses-base?

emacs_22.1-1_armel.deb has a dependency on ncurses-base, or so the 
Package Manager says.

> (If you take & build Emacs package sources directly from
> Debian (or Ubuntu), it won't have ncurses-base dependency
> because in Debian that's an Essential unlike on Maemo.)

I don't have the resources to build Emacs from source (my desktop 
machine is old and slow, and it would undoubtedly involve installing a 
large toolchain and lots of additional packages for which I have no 
space). Alas...I wish :-)

>> I have the maemo-Extras repo installed, and I can see ncurses-base in 
>> there, but it doesn't appear in the App Manager. If I download 
>> ncurses-base-5.4-3.osso1.deb and try to install it manually, I get the 
>> error Incompatible application package.
>> Is there a working .deb for OS2008 for these packages?
> I think only thing needed is the Emacs package having an explicit
> dependency to the ncurses-base package, you shouldn't need to
> install it manually.  Ncurses-base dependency works at least for
> the SDK tools (which are in a repository of their own).

I managed to find a working copy, and it all installed nicely.
I used apt-get install ncurses and it found a copy in Lithuania.
Next task: try to install the x-ified version emacs_22.1-1_armel-x.deb 
and see if I can get it to run in fullscreen...


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