[maemo-users] Installing Mer

From: Luca Olivetti luca at ventoso.org
Date: Fri Jul 24 18:32:54 EEST 2009
En/na sean ha escrit:
> 	I have an N800 running Diablo with a 32GB internal memory card and I am
> thinking of installing Mer to the card, leaving Diablo on the internal
> flash.
> 	I already went through the steps some time ago to partition the card
> and copy Diablo onto it to have the extra memory available, it is of
> course the default boot partition.
> 	Since the boot menu is already setup I am consider either of the
> following options, if they can work.
> 1) Just boot Diablo off the internal flash and install Mer to the memory
> card partition, overwriting what is already setup on the card.
> I figure I just run the Mer installer, since the boot menu is already in
> place.
> 2) Get another memory card, partition it like the current, and again
> just run the Mer installer since the boot menu is already setup.
> With this method I could just swap the internal card for which OS I want
> to boot.
> 3) Repartition the current 32GB memory card and split it between Mer and
> Diablo. But to be honest I do not really want two versions of Diablo and
> then one of Mer, and a longer boot menu. Messy!
> I am leaning on the idea of option 1, what do others he think of these
> ideas?
> Would the overwrite idea work?

It should work. In fact you don't even need the mer installer if you 
have access to a card reader on a linux pc: you can simply delete 
everything on the partition (or simply mkfs over it), mount it somewhere 
and, as root, untar the "rootfs tar.gz for Nokia N8x0 port" there, at 
least that's what I did to upgrade from mer 0.14 to mer 0.15 (though I'm 
not sure the mer layout is the same as the cloned diablo one).
If you are not concerned about losing everything in your diablo sd 
partition you can simply try it and see what happens, or, as you say in 
option 2, use another card.

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