[maemo-users] Installing Mer

From: sean tech.junk at myfairpoint.net
Date: Sun Jul 26 20:47:38 EEST 2009
William Dowden wrote:
> Now I see someone who has upped the ante for an N800 to 32GB internal
> memory card.    I continue to see utility for the N800 so long as its
> capabilities can continue to grow!  For example, I have "only" two 8GB
> cards in my N800, with an extra 8GB on the side to use in my Nikon
> Coolpix 11 and to swap into my Nokia when I want to upload the photos to
> Google or something.    It seems to me that the N800 can be useful for a
> long time to come as the storage disks get larger, faster, and cheaper.

Before I converted the 32GB card from Diablo to Mer I had installed a
lot of software to just try things out. I also had a few files of my own
 on it, and I still had so much space left to do a lot more.

I still have in the back of my mind to get another 32GB for the external
memory slot.
64GB on such a device, who would of thought?
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