[maemo-users] Nokia device usage

From: Christoph Eckert ce at christeck.de
Date: Wed Mar 4 21:27:03 EET 2009

> (exactly zero of
> the available mapping applications are anywhere nearly as
> user-friendly or stable as my Garmin GPS),

I agree that a dedicated mapping device has its advantages, but also it's 
limitations. My Garmin just retired, as I'm now using the N810. I'm on tour 
via bike most times, so using maps of openstreetmap is a plus. I even derive 
shelters from osm data and display it on top of the map in Maemo Mapper. 
Additionally, there's osm2go so I can edit data "on-site".

I admit that it is a tradeoff, and for average users a Garmin might be a 
better choice than a N810. For me as an osm addict and hacker, the N810 is 
the perfect companion.



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