[maemo-users] Nokia device usage

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Thu Mar 5 10:34:53 EET 2009

ext Gary wrote:
>> My N800 boots from a 16Gb SD card and I have plenty of space.
> Have you increased your swap size yet?
> Settings -> Control Panel -> Memory -> Virtual

Swap (file on memory card) is OK for temporary use e.g. to be able
to use some www-site, but I wouldn't enable it permanently because:
- It makes it much more likely that you accidentally corrupt your memory
   card FAT file system (and you may not notice it being corrupted &
   needing repair/reformat)
- Swap file on a corrupted file system makes device *really* unstable
- In some cases it may cause a performance issue too:

 > I use mine for the Internet radio streaming, VPN client, ssh client,
 > and the occasional game.

Regarding the need for swap... Some of the (proprietary?) codecs used by
the media server seem to have tiny memory leaks.  If you play/stream
media files for a long time, even tiny leak can grow huge.  So, if you
run "top" and press "m" to sort things by memory usage and
osso-media-server shows high on the list, restart it with:
	killall osso-media-server

	- Eero

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