[maemo-users] N8xx ponderings

From: Samer Azmy samer.azmy at gmail.com
Date: Fri Mar 6 00:29:27 EET 2009
Interesting point of view but I wanted to add something regarding the Nokia

that they enjoy the Openness which means even if there is an Itouch
application tht you cant find on the Nokia , you simply can program it

I see Nokia tablet is more open ended devices.

for the Netbooks, I see them more like a trend that is booking for some
reason (may be price, may be users see that they have a cheap laptop,....)

please remember that netbook manufactures are still Marketing oriented more
than anything else


On Fri, Mar 6, 2009 at 12:21 AM, lakestevensdental <
lakestevensdental at verizon.net> wrote:

> After using a variety of small internet communication/computing devices,
> (n800, n810, netbook-eee PC on Xandros, Ubuntu and now XP, plus and Ipod
> Touch), I've come to some conclusions that might be worth sharing.
> 1. None of these devices is a truly one size fits all solution for small
> computing/communication needs. They've all got strengths and weaknesses.
> 2. For 'serious' portable use, an XP netbook is great.  Good browsing,
> media player, typing, etc.  It's limits are with casual use -- you can't
> carry it in your pocket and you've got to be sitting up in bed to use it.
> 3. There is a definite market niche for a n810/Ipod touch like item.
> The open source of the n8xx series is generally very good.  However, for
> much of the Maemo 'freeware' that one can get, there's usually an equal
> or better inexpensive Ipod Apple App.  There's some Ipod ap's that you
> can't get on the n8xx.
> 4. If I were designing the next generation of internet tablet devices,
> I'd attempt to create a 'standard' plug and play interface for the
> interior hardware.  In other words, when a faster chip/board comes out,
> perhaps with new features (like cell phone chip, or motion sensor),
> users could just pop the old hardware out, plug the upgrade in, boot up,
> install some new drivers and move on with the rest of my device intact.
> Then one would offer this open standard for anyone to make plug and play
> tablet hardware for.
> The reality to all of these devices is it's the software and user
> interface that makes them work, or not work.  The current limitations
> are primarily hardware oriented.  It takes a lot of investment to
> develop new units of both hardware and software.  Hence the suggestion
> to share the load by adopting some common standards which might speed up
> development of the entire genre.
> Just a few thoughts...
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