[maemo-users] sync with google calendar?

From: Laura Conrad sunny at laymusic.org
Date: Fri Mar 6 14:25:05 EET 2009
I got the 810 bacause I was really satisfied with the 770 as an ebook
reader and the 770 died.  I was looking forward to having support for
some of the other applications.  Playing audio does work a lot better
than it did on the 770, but since I hate headphones, I don't really
use that a lot.

The one PIM application that I was really hoping would work better was
the calendar.  It looks like ermina is supposed to do exactly what I
want -- sync betewen google calendar and the local gpe calendar when
connected and let you use the local calendar when not connected.  

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work.  It keeps telling me it can't
connect to google calendar.  I'm sure I've entered the correct email
and password, and it tells me that even when it isn't connected, so I
can't believe it's really even trying.  I have attempted to turn on
the debug option, and it seems to write a blank text file.

I'm probably capable of writing a script that downloads the google
calendar and puts it into the gpe calendar, which would be better than
nothing, but sync'ing would be so much better that I'm asking here if
anyone has the syncing working, and if so, how?

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