[maemo-users] Nokia device usage

From: Matt Emson memsom at interalpha.co.uk
Date: Fri Mar 6 17:59:18 EET 2009
Mark wrote:
> Sure, they "say" it, after you've already bought the thing and are on
> a mailing list and a discussion such as this comes up, but NOWHERE in
> the sales literature or at any sales point that I've seen does it say
> that. That little morsel is *not* freely disseminated.

I'm trying to stay out of this discussion, because it is a circular 
argument - no one will win because there is no simple correct stance. 
However, I got my N800 in a PC World store in the UK. PC World is a 
large retail chain aimed primarily at consumers. They sell Microsoft 
products to Ma and Pa types. They also sell some more specialized parts 
- at highly inflated prices, and just because an Apple dealer. Having 
acknowledged that point, on the whole, you go to PC World to buy 
consumer electronics, not bleeding edged hacker tools. Make of that what 
you want, but also notice that not all territories that sell Nokia 
products treat them in the same way - this is the reason the argument is 
circular. The N800 was never sold as anything *but* a consumer product 
in PC World - which may well speak volumes for PC World's stupidity, but 
also supports what Mark is saying.


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