[maemo-users] Nokia device usage

From: Julius Szelagiewicz julius at turtle.com
Date: Fri Mar 6 18:28:53 EET 2009
I won't quote the whole thread, there was too much of a tail already.

	Mark seems to have many, many issues, some of them even connected
to the tablet. Since he completly dismissed the corporate usage by
misquoting the original post, I'll address that first. People using Nokia
N8x0 tablets for business are actually individuals and their concerns
matter (think telephone). The very fact that the device is robust and
stable enough for rigors of daily (ab)use speaks very highly of the
hardware and software. The fact that it runs Linux is a great asset for
USERS, as developers tend to develop for other people. No, it is not true
that when you roll your own application, you have a full control of the
software. The idea is to get the work done, not to redo the whole software
stack. I get paid to deliver results which means that I use as much of
existing software as possible, hence Linux as the preferred OS.

	Usability out of the box compared with ads. I haven't even seen
any ads. I'm not crazy about out of the box experience and it annoys me to
see on N8x0 the same counter productive underhanded tactics used my MS -
the teaser apps you have to pay for later. On the other hand anybody
remembers what it takes to view .doc file on a brand new Windows
machine? I'd remove teaser apps and put Evince, Mplayer and MyTube on to
dramatically increase out of the box usability.

	The biggest beef seems to be that the Nokia tablets are not aimed
at the idiots. As a business decision, it may be misguided, since idiots
constitute a vast majority of the buying public. Personally I like to be
treated as an adult.

	I have been using N800 first and then N810 for over a year before
I decided to push them into work environment - obviously my experiences
were encouraging. For me the most limiting factor is also the most
liberating factor - the screen size. I have an EEE PC that I use when I
travel. I like it a lot, but it just doesn't fit in any of my pockets.

	The N810 isn't perfect, actually 2 changes from N800 make it less
usable: the camera is now usless for taking photos and movies and removal
of external full SD slot rendered my SD form RFID scanners usless. Overall
I really like my N810 most on the sleepless nights when I get to watch
comedy on YouTube or listen to the music (sound is great) and play

my $0.02. julius

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