[maemo-users] Nokia device usage

From: Matt Emson memsom at interalpha.co.uk
Date: Fri Mar 6 18:40:07 EET 2009
Andrew Flegg wrote:
> Agreed, and fully understandable. Can we draw up a list of what -
> exactly - the N8x0 fails to do out-of-the-box which it is advertised
> it *can* do; and requires hacker-like skills to enable?

If I'd never owned another device (Palm, Handspring, Apple Newton, Sharp 
Zaurus sl5500 etc) or used anything comparable (Windows Mobile 5, 
Windows CE, Android, iPhone), I might be happy with the N800. But it 
just seems to do a lot of things in a half baked fashion. The Web 
browser is the biggest issue. It just is too slow. Mail, well it sort of 
works. Most of the time. Of the other apps, well I guess some work well. 
Others, not so much. Had I never owned an iPhone I might be a lot more 
forgiving, but I have apps, free apps, on my iPhone that do everything I 
used my N800 for regularly. It does everything more pleasingly and it 
doesn't struggle (most) of the time. Given that I have it on 24x7, the 
battery life is also way, way superior. I could list more reasons and be 
quite cruel about the way the N800 works, but it's now a legacy product, 
so what is the point?  Each to their own. The N800 was a good device 2 
years ago, just not now. Things move on.


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