[maemo-users] Nokia device usage

From: Scott scott at sw41.com
Date: Fri Mar 6 19:11:14 EET 2009
I am a very savy computer user.  Started in Dos 3.3, wrote programs in  
Basic on and apple 2, worked my way thru windows and now have a job  
supporting Mac laptops for a school... so a fair amount of "bike  
experience".  My geek desk has various desktops ranging from Windows  
2000 - Vista, a desktop with an idle version of Linux, Mac laptops  
with OS X (unix based OS) that run VM Ware with Linux or Windows, an  
ipod touch, and of course, the n810.  I make web sites and am trying  
to learn php and mysql, tried working with perl a bit but never caught  

Comparing the Nokia n8*0 to a computer is more like comparing a  
unicycle to a bike... or a walmart special to Lance Armstrong's bike.   
The Nokia bike does have a wheel, does have pedals, and can be ridden  
straight out of the box.  In the hands of a pro, the bike can be  
easily fixed and worked on, but in the hands of joe average, there is  
nothing straight forward.  Joe average thinks they need a wrench to  
fix the problem, well the wrench is not in numeric sizes, you have  
wrench size $ or size ( or size @ and also size %, and they all look  
the same size yet do different things.

To break up the real problems here, its Windows vs Linux all over  
again.  Nokia is a linux box.  Anyone who knows about linux is fine  
with that and makes the device sing.  Anyone from a Windows world,  
where you just click on an icon and things go, have problems.  Sure  
there are prebundled apps that do this, and there is a wonderful  
selection of more apps available, but too many things want the CLI and  
that is where you lose any non-Linus person and the frustrations  
begin.   I would love the mapping software to do more, and if I can  
CLI a script, then it will but I do not know the 1st thing about  
scripting and neither does the average computer user.  We are in the  
point and click era of computers.  What separates the normal users  
from power users or super users is the CLI.

I got the device as a novelty more than a tool. I picked it for the  
GPS ability and thought that it would be able to do "palm" type  
operations.  I knew it was not a phone from the get go and actually  
make fun of the marketing people that try to promote skype as a  
communications alternative to it not being a phone... compare it to  
the 2 tin cans and a string.  I was also disappointed in the camera  
but have a nokia phone and it is as crappy on the phone as it is on  
the n810, but I did not buy it to be a camera so anything it does  
there is fine.  I did sit down and get skype to talk to my desktop,  
was very not impressed, and that app has not been opened since.

I have my n810 working fine but it sits on the desk and gets used  
maybe once a week or so.  The GPS is on for trips and I keep notes in  
it for trips to the store, but really there is nothing on it that I  
depend on.  Email is setup to check 5 accounts, not that many book  
marks, I will browse the web to test my websites, maybe I need the  
calendar to know what day it is.  I continue to turn it on and hope  
that I will find that one thing that will make it stand out over the  
other devices, the GPS is that feature but I take a trip once every  
few months where I can use it (assuming I stay on the plan and  
download the right maps; I have driven off into the black zone a few  

-- Scott

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