[maemo-users] Nokia device usage

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Fri Mar 6 19:38:10 EET 2009

ext Mark wrote:
>> Do you have some (e.g. 3rd party app) running in the background
>> taking CPU?  Or something that frequently polls network
>> (Do you switch it to offline mode when you don't use it)?
>> Or doesn't allow the display to blank when you don't use the device?
> I can't speak to the 3rd party app issue; I have so many apps
> installed that that is entirely possible, although according to
> LoadApplet there's nothing going on.

Program doesn't need to show up in "top" at all to decrease the device
use-time from a week to a day, for that it's enough for a single process
to wake up once a sec and do nothing else (i.e. <1% CPU use).
It prevents CPU from sleeping.

> I rarely switch to offline mode
> because much of the stuff I do with it requires network access, and
> even when I'm not doing anything constantly online there's stuff like
> OMWeather that needs to update every now and then. I *never* turn off
> bluetooth because it's too much of a pain digging through all those
> menus to get it back on again.

Ok, WLAN + Bluetooth and some apps using net frequently (say at one
minute interval or more frequently) could start explaining the use-time.

> I do have the display set to blank at 2
> minutes, and only stay on when charging. I also have the auto-lock
> enabled.

	- Eero

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