[maemo-users] Nokia device usage

From: Ryan Abel rabelg5 at gmail.com
Date: Fri Mar 6 20:22:12 EET 2009
On Mar 6, 2009, at 1:17 PM, Mark wrote:

> On Fri, Mar 6, 2009 at 11:03 AM, Fernando Cassia <fcassia at gmail.com>  
> wrote:
>> Perhaps I get emotional after the messages like "I will never buy a
>> Nokia product again" from people who act with outrage as if someone
>> sold them a faulty item that breaks in a millon pieces in the first
>> week of use.
> The outrage is due to the *fact* that the device doesn't live up to  
> its PR.

_What_ "PR"?

Ryan Abel
Maemo Community Council chair

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