[maemo-users] Nokia device usage

From: Matt Emson memsom at interalpha.co.uk
Date: Fri Mar 6 20:47:23 EET 2009
On 6 Mar 2009, at 18:16, Julius Szelagiewicz <julius at turtle.com> wrote:

> Ognen,
>    I'm sorry that you took offence at my joke. This really was a
> joke, but obviously poorly worded.
>    I find it mildly amusing that people complain about N810
> functionality and the need to add application at the same breath  
> praising
> Iphones and saying how they were able to download applications to make
> their very, very expensive device functional. The real price of an  
> Iphone
> is the monthly rental charge disguised in the phone bill.

Well no. I pay the same for my monthly bill as people I know do for  
their regular phone tarrif. I get unlimited data too. As in, I use  
cellular data free every single day. I easily use £35 worth of data,  
SMS and calls every month, but I get no additional charges.

The iPhone just *works*. Politics aside, the basic out of box  
functionality runs rings round my N800. For what *I* use it for. Ymmv,  

>    My experience with all thing "screen" on N8x0 is mixed - the
> applications perform well enough, my eyes don't.
>    Since I didn't see any ads for N8x0 devices, I don't feel cheated,
> on the contrary, I think that a N810 for $220 is a tremendous value.
>    So please don't take offence at feeble jokes. Without going into
> my degrees and decades of programming, I happily admit to being an  
> idiot
> about most, if not all, things in life. It took me very long to lose  
> my
> delusions of adequacy, just shows that I'm slow.
> julius
> On Fri, 6 Mar 2009, Ognen Duzlevski wrote:
>> Julius Szelagiewicz wrote:
>>>    The biggest beef seems to be that the Nokia tablets are not aimed
>>> at the idiots. As a business decision, it may be misguided, since  
>>> idiots
>>> constitute a vast majority of the buying public. Personally I like  
>>> to be
>>> treated as an adult.
>> Julius,
>> My intended application for the N800 is controlling Lego Mindstorms  
>> NXT
>> bricks. For that purpose the N800 is actually a very cool device  
>> (runs
>> Linux, has bluetooth and USB, can run python etc.).  I have another  
>> N800
>> that I bought as a portable "lazy-man's" gadget - that portion has  
>> not
>> played out so well. The idea was to take it on trips for movies,
>> browsing the web and use it as a GPS. None of these have worked out  
>> well
>> (for me, YMMV). I have since bought an Eee and that puppy is miles  
>> ahead
>> of the N8x0 for my intended uses, mind you, it costs approximately  
>> the
>> same and runs Linux or you can put Ubuntu on it yourself, which is  
>> what
>> I did.
>> My main beef with N800 is the difference between advertised
>> functionality and what you actually get. Maemo community is great BUT
>> there seems to be an enormous amount of confusion out there on what  
>> the
>> device can actually do and how to get it done between the various
>> versions of maemo. I am used to hacking stuff all day but maybe
>> sometimes, just sometimes, I don't want to serve the gadget and I  
>> want
>> the gadget to serve me.
>> I kind of resent the wording in your email - that the beef with the
>> device is that it is not meant for idiots. I have a CS degree, have  
>> even
>> published a paper or two, co-wrote a chapter in a scientific textbook
>> and have been a programmer for most of my life (on Linux). I don't
>> consider myself to be an idiot by any means.
>> Thanks,
>> Ognen
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